Global Trip

Company Profile

Global Trip has been recognized as a leading company in marketing and advertising management in tourism offering great scale of all requirements dedicated to delivering the ‘’executive’’ trip to business travelers.


Domain of our business covers all sorts of tourism services starting from generic to specified tailor made ones. During last ten years we have been interconnected with major world`s corporate and travel partners.


Serious develop of our company into all customer satisfaction directions increased our sales and market. Today, we are happy to state that Global Trip is covering global sales market of individual and group travel.


Sale of some of our regions are offered to our most loyal partners as sale exclusivity offering the lowest or most appropriate rate (Best Buy), ensuring the customer satisfaction.


Excellence in technology with a focus on constant innovation, our local destination management combined with our industry experience helped us consistently to outperform our competitors and add real value to our partners.



Last technological solutions and working on continuous quality of our services, are ensuring the conquest of the market through customer`s reliance.


Our network of experienced professionals, our marketing specialization in researching and maintain of the market, our business practice.technological development is providing the successful collaboration with our partners based on mutual respect, as a good.


Using the services of Global Trip, hotels, are positioning and accessing the world`s market, offering to their clients the best offers and solutions in all areas of tourism.


We are welcoming all size of companies to join us in order to continue to grow together for years to come !