Global Trip

Corporate customers

Global Trip works with a wide range and variety of accommodation providers including city hotels, boutique hotels, design hotels, luxury hotels, resorts, budget hotels, apart-hotels.


Growing from the point of view of operatively, connectivity and distribution, in order to overcome the crisis of traditional commercial channels, is what Global Trip offers to partners. Collaboration with global and local travel market that distribute travel services on a global level to many destinations and that produce the majority of hotel proposals for sale , allows our affiliated buyers to manage all the requests that need accommodation.


In a complex of travel services, corporations need a partner who is able to understand their need in today`s rapidly growing world marketplace. With us corporations as our customers are partnering with an agile and experienced travel management company that can create solutions to fit individual needs.


Our services, in one hand, are connected with expert DMC professionals and travel service suppliers of the receptive industry, that in the majority of cases have chosen to grow with Global Trip, in order to propose their concept of tourism in the ways required by today's market.


We offer our corporate companies the confidence and trust they seek in their travel management company. We highly value their business and It is very important to us.


Our customers are assured that our people and our resources are fully committed to adding value to Global Trip travel program.



The services are specially designed to assist corporate clients in effective travel program. It includes:




  • First-Class Service

  • Considerable cost savings with our programs

  • Stringent Quality Control of our product

  • Global & local locations

  • Incentive travel program and events




Through our awarded culture of people development, ownership and recognition, we manage your challenges to deliver travel efficiencies and savings.




We're your advisors and hands-on support team across every aspect of your business travel.

It does not matter whether you travel frequently or infrequently, as an employee or business owner, you will always benefit from a partnership with Global Trip !


Global Trip can offer you the best value in corporate travel.


All incoming/outgoing partner`s services allow tour operating at any level, because they are in a position to satisfy any particular request, being profound experts of the destinations and the realities in which they operate.


Contract us today to see what we can provide for your business.


Use our corporate discounts and save at participating hotels. With Global Trip you will benefit from considerable cost savings !


Visit our hotel or travel agent section to build your own part number or to learn more about our wide variety of hotels, conferences.



The company not only offers individual overnight stays, but also conference packages, comprising of catering and technical equipment as well as the corresponding facilities.